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Birthdate:Feb 17
I'm Captain Jack Harkness.

And this bio is pretty much confidential, as well as still under construction.

But come and have a drink sometime. I promise you won't regret it until the hangover kicks in, and maybe not even then.

Extrapolator's working, we've got a fully funtional force field! *eyeroll* Try saying that when you're drunk.

I remember the last time I was sentenced to death. I ordered four hyper-vodkas for my breakfast. All a bit of a blur after that. I woke up in bed with both my executioners - lovely couple. They stayed in touch. Can't say that about most executioners...

The word you'd use is 'handsome' and another one - 'very'.

Captain Jack Harkness is from the first season of Doctor Who and Torchwood, and is owned by Russell T. Davies and the BBC. They are not me, neither am I John Barrowman, who plays him.

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arming the human race, bananas, being charming, champagne, chinese food, cocktails, dancing, drinking, firearm training, flash weaponry, flirting, friendly executioners, grow-your-own-tardis kits, gwen cooper, hyper vodka, ianto jones, kicking ass, military chic, minibars, mystery, narrowly escaping death, not time agents, owen harper, pompeii, questionable morality, right kind of doctor, rose tyler, saving planets, sentient computers, sonic devices, suzie costello, technology, the 51st century, the doctor, torchwood, toshiko sato, volcano day

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